Type                         Size         Capacity         Quantity         Total
Round Tables             60 inch      8 People           23                   184
Round Tables             48 inch      6 People           19                   116
Round Glass Top        41 inch      Cake                 1                     ---
Long (Head) Tables     6 Feet      8 People             2                     16
Long (Head)Tables      8 Feet      10 People           2                      20
Serpentine Table         6 Feet      Buffet                 1                     ---
Chairs                        Bistro       1 People            300                 300
Bar Service For Hard Liquor
Bar service for the consumption of hard liquor may only be provided by the Bayou. The Bar service its free of charge! A bartender, napkins, ice, and cups will be supplied with a $300.00 minimum tab fee. Since the fee it's a tab, your guest will receive the $300 worth of drinks. Once the $300.00 are reached, the tab may be increased or the guest  may start paying for the rest of the ordered drinks. (Bar service is usually arranged prior to the event).
Bar Service Without Hard Liquor
If you choose to supply your own beverages the following limits apply. Only canned beer or beer in a plastic cup from a keg may be served as an alcoholic beverage. No hard Iiquor (distilled spirits such as Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Etc.)
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